3 units 40-foot drop-side trailer intended for export to Zambia. 2024-05-15
An order from a new customer has come in from Zambia! This container carrier can transport both containers and bulk cargo. We suggested the 40-foot sidewall semi-trailer to the customer, as it's capable of transporting 1 x 40ft and 2 x 20ft containers with a load of 40 tons. The side wall is designed with small windows, making it suitable for the transportation of grain and other similar cargo. 

The entire trailer measures 12.6 meters, has leaf spring suspension, and is equipped with axles from the world-renowned brand FUWA. The body is painted in a unique and bold color scheme as per the customer's requirement. 

Three 40-foot drop side trailer customers have already put this trailer into use. If you are interested in logistics and transportation, feel free to contact us directly!


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