The HOWO NX tractor head has been exported to the Philippines. 2024-05-15
A customer from the Philippines purchased 2 HOWO NXs and 1 tanker truck for palm oil transportation. The customer also ordered a HOWO N 6X4 400HP towing head with some accessories. The towing head has 430hp with a 600L fuel tank and a loading capacity of 9.5 tons with drum brakes.

I believe that many people in Africa are familiar with the brand HOWO, known for producing trucks and tractors. These vehicles have earned praise from customers for their competitive pricing and durable quality. HOWO trucks and tractors are well-suited for towing a variety of semi-trailers used in logistics operations, construction sites, and mining.

It's important to remember the following guidelines for tire replacement:
- Tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 1.6mm, as at this point, the drainage and grip performance are greatly reduced, and the tire has aged and fatigued. Continuing to use tires in this condition is very dangerous.
- Regularly inspect your vehicle's tires for bulges, cracks, cuts, nails, or abnormal wear. If any issues are found, replace the tire promptly and have an engineer analyze the cause.
- Check your vehicle's tire pressure often. For tractors and semi-trailers, it's strictly forbidden to under-inflate or over-inflate the tires according to the equipment manufacturer's requirements. When replacing the tire inflation, ensure that the tire rim is fixed with a protective frame to guarantee the correct assembly of the rim assembly.
- After inflating the tire to 1.5kgf/cm2, double-check that all parts are assembled correctly and ensure that there are no safety hazards.

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